A Guilty Pleasure


The last time I was in New York, I was pregnant with our first child. It was one of the most wondefful and harrowing experiences. We were there, because my husband was shooting additional material for his film, which meant, that we were effectively mixing business with pleasure, or in my case, business with pregnancy. I was permanently exhausted, elated, hungry, nauseated and also mad at the american public space for being host to numerous anti-french ads (this was the time when ‘french fries’ were to be renamed ‘freedom fries’ and everyone was pouring french wine down the gutter).

Anyway our host during that trip was and is one of the most wonderful cooks known to me (that is excepting my family) and had hosted me a number of times in his place in Brooklyn. I had stayed with him during a summerlong internship I did at the very beginning of my studies, nearly 10 years ago, during which he introduced me to asian cooking (mainly thai, my peanut sauce and I are forever indebted!) and to Ben & Jerry’s icecream.

During this visit with my husband, I was going crazy (and I mean a pint-a-day-crazy) for their chubby hubby flavor, and more specifically, with the sweet/salty combination. I was immediatly introduced to chocolate covered pretzels and remember tasting them somehwere in SoHo, as we were looking for the Prada store. It took us a while to find it BTW, I blame my blindsight to hormones, and those pretzels. In the end I was equally smitten with the pretzels as I was with store; but the pretzels were kind of easier to budget for!

Since I haven’t been able to find them since –either in Canada or in Germany– I have thought for some time that I should find a way to do them myself. So today, about 3 1/2 years later, I did it. In anxious expectation I tasted the first one, and lo, those pretzels, they rocked. Go make them, they are done as quickly as they are eaten!


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

prep time: 5 min cooling time about 1 h

100 g dark chocolate*
about 75 g pretzels (or salt sticks)
pat of butter

saucepan, silicon mat or parchment paper

Melt the chocolate with a pat of butter over low heat (You can do it in a double boiler or in the microwave, today, I was particularly lazy and just melted it straight in the saucepan). Drop the pretzels in there, and toss to coat them**. With whatever instrument you have (I used a knife and fork) pull them out and lay them on your silicon mat to harden. Store in a cool, dry place. If you can resist eating them all at once, I imagine they would taste fabulous crushed and sprinkled over ice cream…

* I used an organic dark chocolate, but suspect that milk chocolate would have tasted more fun
** At first, I gently dredged each pretzel through the melted chocolate and pulled it out, but then the lazy hit me again, and i just dumped the rest of the pack in there!

One Response to “A Guilty Pleasure”

  1. céleste la peste Says:

    people, beware!
    this is a highly addictive one!
    before I even started the recipe, the craving was BAD!
    I started doing this in a I-only-have-15-minutes-left-before-daycare-closes-rush.
    I BURNT the first chocolate batch in the microwave.
    And the craving became worse.
    So I melt the chocolate again.
    I dumped the bretzels into it.
    I could hardly wait till it cooled down.
    It finally did.
    20 minutes later, a friend visiting and a husband back from work.
    nothing left.
    I need more!!!!!

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