What I’m up to

Instead of leaving you with a recipe today, I am desperately trying to fix the problem with my email subscriptions. Because you probably couldn’t care less about why it isn’t working and how I plan to fix it, i am leaving you with a collection of things I am up to, much in the fashion of this lovely blog here.

I am currently:

Listening to this via here

Eating these, which i urge you to make right now. Next time I am making these, I hope I’ll be using this

Crossing my fingers that my old Powerbook will not break down while I am saving for this

Hoping to sell this in order to buy this

However, I am still giving you some photos of the cake we made for our oldest son’s 3rd birthday. He is currently obsessed with cars, more specifically ambulances. Our ambulance actually ended up looking more like the ambulance following the grateful dead on tour, but the kid loved it nonetheless!


The cake was made using this recipe, and the ganache that you can find in my christmas log cake. The cake was good, but not delicious. Basically, it was all in the looks, so if you are looking for a chocolate cake that’s easy to make and that you can shape anyway you please, this is the one!


One Response to “What I’m up to”

  1. dg Says:

    so funny, while i was reading this post, i was listening to bon iver. i just discovered it via my lovely sisters blog http://www.myotherroom.blogspot.com. happy belated b-day, j. super cool cake! alles liebe, d

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