To Family


Last Friday, my brother and his son came for a visit so we spent the weekend celebrating and making up for missed birthdays which means we re-celebrated my nephew’s and J’s on friday with a dessert straight from the pantry — and straight from my birthday dessert book: all I had was some cookies, one chocolate bar and some chestnut cream. My favorite birthday dessert has always been a ‘turinois’ a flourless butter-chocolate-glaceed chestnut cake so I thought I’d make something similar, but with a no bake cookiecrubmcrust.
It was a huge hit.*


On saturday we then celebrated the first (!) birthday of our twin boys. And aside from drinking champagne and getting teary-eyed, I made carrot cupcakes which sadly didn’t turn out too great, but were still pretty good. And can I add again, that it was their first birthday? Because man, that year went by so fast and the next thng I know they are all moving out!

Finally, today is my fabulous sister C’s birthday and the second recipe (with a speciale dédicace) is just for her.
We have both made this before as we own the same cookbook and there is no pasta recipe that screams summer quite like this one.


It comes from the river café cookbook and the key is obviously to use the freshest produce at the peak of it’s season. Other than that, it’s dead simple and doable for anyone anywhere.

I will start with the main course and do the dessert after if that’s cool. Oh and before I forget, please check out this site NOW. You can thank me later!

Green Beans and Tomato Pasta

taken from river café cookbook
prep time: 20min

4 roma tomatoes
300 g fresh green beans
1/2 cup of cream
1 garlic clove, peeled
1 handful of basil leaves, torn
salt, pepper, parmesan to taste

Clean up your green beans and cook or steam them until just tender. Reserve. Cut your tomatos in half and squeeze out the juice, dice them and reserve.
Boil the water for pasta. Salt just before it comes to a boil. Add pasta and cook according to package instructions.
In a heavy saucepan, bring the cream to a boil together with the garlic clove. Once boiled, remove the garlic and add the tomatoes and beans. Stir and heat up. When the pasta is cooked, toss the sauce through, add the basil and parmesan and enjoy the summer!


adapted from various sources

prep time: 15min, cooling time 4h min
metal mixing bowl, food processor or rolling pin, 20 cm cake tin with removable sides

For the Cookie Crust

15-20 butter cookies
60 g of butter, melted

Smash up your cookies into relatively fine crumbs (rolling pin or food processor!) and mix in with the melted butter. Press the mixture into the bottom of your cake tin and reserve in the fridge.

For the Chocolate-Chestnut-Filling

100 g chocolate
50 g butter, softened
125 g chestnut cream

Beat up the butter and chestnut cream until sufficiently homogenized. Melt the chocolate and beat it into the mixture. Spred the chocolate-chesnut-filling on the cookie crust and refrigerate until ready.
You could double the filling recipe, but this desserts is very very rich and dense…

*seriously, you should make this dessert even if I realise that not everybody keeps a jar of crème de marron as a pantry staple!

Sidenote: I am having problems with colors in my image editing programme, which is why the reds have been screaming at you as if from underwater. I hope I can fix it soon and if anyone has suggestions that possibly top the ones from my geek husband, please email me!

3 Responses to “To Family”

  1. R. Says:

    both dishes look fantastic. where do you get creme de maron in germany?

  2. 13desserts Says:

    You can get it in ‘gourmet’ stores, in Berlin at the Galeries Lafayettes and the KaDeWe, in Munich probably at Kaefer or Dallmayer, in Stuttgart at Böhm.
    You can also get it in France and keep it. It has an incredibly long shelf life.

  3. céleste la peste Says:

    thanks for the dedicace!
    Now I know what I’ll have for diner tonight 🙂

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