So we are back home and man, were those three weeks ever refreshing! Nothing to do (well, apart from laundry and cooking, chasing after the kids, putting the kids to bed etc..) and no internet** is the most relaxing way to spend a vacation, if you ask me!

In the meantime, a few things happened here and there (mostly me forgetting everything about teh innernet), so to bring you up to date while easing myself back into the blogging business I will simply point you in various directions and ask you to be patient while I cop-out get my markers around our regular life back.

Top of the list: I came back home to find a copy of ths month’s abitare, a design magazine based in Italy, with a link to this website by yours truly in the Tip section of the magazine… Can you believe it? Not only did they link, but they also printed a little insert with photos. Incredible and THANK YOU, abitare! I will try to get a scan of the page to post here. I am blushing just thinking about it!

I have noticed also, that Cynthia Barcomi, whose baking books and cafés I really really like, now has a website AND a blog, you should check it out now. The apple pie on her site looks fantastic!

Finally, since I really seem to have gotten rusty at this blogging game, and am completely unable to find a coherent segue into the photos of the lemon verbena (top right corner), laurel (bottom right corner) and the figs we colected in our garden in France, I will just leave you with them to look at:


* This post is titled ‘miscellaneous’, in response to Holly’s discussion of favorite phrases and words. Along with ‘sheath’ and ‘ream’, misc. is one of my absolute bestest word in english. I love the sound of it, and always associate the word with a labeled chest of drawers and with what could be hidden in the one titled ‘misc.’.
Just thought you might want to know that!

**No internet was actually so nice that it took me three days to decide wether to read up the 322 news items in my rss-reader or no. But then I caved and read most of them.

3 Responses to “Misc.*”

  1. céleste la peste Says:

    Good to have you back!
    (Though even better having you for real…)
    looking forward to all things new and shiny on this blog!
    Have a nice day back @ school, ehm, work tomorrow!
    good night!

  2. dg Says:

    hey, welcome back, i missed you. congratulations to the abitare feature, hope you are fully frenchly re-energized. kuss, d

  3. 13desserts Says:

    Hey D, thank you and yes, i am totally refrenchified, energised and ready to tackle the next fall/winter in berlin!

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