I got tagged by my friend d. over at alle meine ponies (don’t you just LOVE that blogname, btw?), and because I have been unable to pull my latest recipe post together due to some photo issues, I will now give you some



I have a very feminine obsession with shoes and an unexplicable one with grey t-shirts. I wish I could dress with a more definite or adventurous style, but the way we live (three small children and a lot of bike riding) often gives me an excuse for comfort over style. My favourite pieces this winter are a gorgeous leather jacket given to me by my mother and a lovely jeans blouse given to me by my sister, along with a handwoven and hand-dyed purple scarf from africa (my mother again).


My ideal would be a mix of simple modern white and grey furniture, and a more flowery pink british style. My reality, sadly, is a few nice old pieces and a lot of budget-conscious ikea. On a side note, I am obsessively organised and forever putting things away and in their place.


Chocolate. Hands down. I always joked that my ideal gift would be my weight in chocolate!


Berlin, Paris, Montpellier, Stuttgart. All sorts of homes.


Tea in the morning, water every other time. The occasional beer.


I used to listen to music all the time; but sadly, I don’t have the time nor the mental space to really listen anymore. In the past couple of months I’ve liked port o brien, bon iver, mgmt, and alela diane. I also really like chamber music, especially the complete beethoven string quartets.


American series mainly, lately enamored with gossip girl and mad men alike; but always tatort.


No snobbery here: french films from the sixties, nostalgic films from growing up (stand by me, dead poets society, dirty dancing) and today, wes anderson, sofia coppola, south-american cinema but also big american productions.


Haaaahaaaaahaaaa. No.


The first one that comes to my mind would be a proper, still warm pain au chocolat. After that, the list would be so long, one could make a blog out of it – oh wait…!


Espresso, black, with added hot water.

I am tagging Cynthia, Berlin Reified and Tim.

edited to add: I am really happy to see that Anke Gröner kindly answered the meme as well, go read hers!


7 Responses to “details”

  1. dg Says:

    oh hello, so nice. thank you for your details, interesting indeed. i completely forgot about wes anderson, he is one of my favourite directors. curious to follow the thread of details now! see you very soon, with a box full of solly’s… ku. d

  2. Berlin Reified Says:

    About five years ago I had everything planned out for a month in Montpellier and then didn’t go, and it’s been a great regret ever since. (Are you from there?) & thank you for the tag — I’m finding it very hard to spend much time on the computer these days but will add my details as soon as I can!

  3. 13desserts Says:

    I am very much looking forward to your details!
    In answer to your question, i’m not from Montpellier but my family has a house there that we spend a lot of time in. Living there ‘for real’ is a dream I have been having for a while!

  4. Julia Says:

    oooh, i forgot gossip girl 😉
    nice list of things. thank you.
    and also: would you like to join my secret “sport ist mord”-club?

  5. 13desserts Says:

    Julia, I practically invented this secret club!

  6. Julia Says:

    what? i thought it was me…

  7. Details - ENDLICHFEIERABEND Says:

    […] mal unverschämterweise dieses Stöckchen bei 13desserts aufgehoben und an mich […]

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